Bizarre is the Only Word to Describe This Mini-Doc on Two Black Women Trump Supporters

 photo ohio_-_youngstown_-_trump_rally_-_shomore_justis_after.jpg
ShoMore DeNiro canvassed for President Obama when she was in high school, but this election she's committed to voting for Donald Trump. She and her friend Justis Harrison were profiled for Australian news magazine show Dateline. DeNiro says her views align with the Republican Party's standard bearer.

“A lot of things that Mr. Trump is actually saying is what I believe in, she said.

“We were a really good country and I don’t know what happened through the years, but I’d like us to get back to where our jobs were here and our education was back on top.”

ShoMore and Justis are extreme outliers.  Hillary could receive more than 90% of Black women's votes in the general election. And in the clip you'll see them wade through seas of white Trump supporters.


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