Janelle Monae Leads the Wondaland Arts Society

Janelle Monae often references the Wondaland Arts Society, but have you ever wondered what it is? In this video, she explains the eclectic group of musicians she leads.

In the past, we've seen other artists, Prince for example, head up musical movements, but you can't deny the power of a young woman as brilliant as Janelle taking control. This is important in an industry wherein women are rarely given the reins.

Transcript below:

Janelle Monae: This is your land. This is my land. We belong here. Stay the night. I'm inspired. You touch my wires. My supernova shining bright. Take me back to Wondaland. I wanna go back to Wondaland.

Wondaland is spirit. Whenever we're all gathered in a room no matter where we are it's a spirit. When we get together, it's magic. Music is the one thing we wanted to do together.

Each room has it's one energy to it. We have a jungle we use to practice. There are many other rooms we use but I don't want to give it away because it's a fantasy.

We met in Atlanta, Georgia, and when we met I knew this was my tribe. These were my people.

Roman GianArthur is an artist who writes and produces his music himself.

Roman GianArthur: I would say that my music is desperado R&B

Janelle: Deep Cotton they hae a lot of superpowers. They've taken me as an artist to the next level

Deep Cotton: If there's a recipe, I'd say freedom, funk, soul. For Deep Cotton performance is very important. It's a ritual. It's something we're doing to free ourselves

Janelle Monae: We're excited about collaborating. We're excited to bring our vibe out West.
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