Black Women are the Most Educated Group in the United States

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For the first time in the history of data collection by the National Center of Education Statistics as reported by the US Census, Black women have surpassed every other group in this country based upon race and gender. What does that mean? For the first time in our history, African-American women have surpassed all groups in college entrance based upon race and gender. That's right. African American women enroll in college more than Asian men, white women - you name the group, either race or gender, African American women are number one.

Janks Morton explains in this video.

While we couldn't be prouder of our sisters, we do hope that as we're climbing the ladder of educational attainment that we are doing so with an understanding of the trappings of student loan debt.

If you have any experience with debt, be sure to counsel a young woman you know about the costs and benefits. Take a look at this infographic from Mother Jones.
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