Kerry Washington Opens Up on Maintaining Privacy, Finding Balance and Breaking Barriers

Kerry Washington provided the keynote interview, conducted by Demetria Lucas, at BlogHer's conference this year. Kerry opened up on her a variety of topics including her love for social media and how she manages her many responsibilities in one of the few interviews she's given since giving birth to her daughter in the spring.

On what makes working on the show fun

We don’t know a thing until we read the scripts. Which is very exciting. It’s part of why we really love to be on social media with fans when you guys are watching because the excitement, the thrilling ride of each episode, we really relate to that because that’s how we feel when we read it for the first time. We have no idea what’s coming, so when people watch it we really identify with that level of excitement.

On the backlash she's received for her character
For me apart of being a Black woman and being able to work means that I get to tell stories about people that we don’t always pay attention to. When I talk to people about Scandal being a success overseas it’s like oh because of Scandal these women in Japan now have this Black woman in their home. They don’t know a lot of Black women. I don’t see that as oh now I have to be a perfect person. I think I have to be a human being who has flaws and aspirational qualities.

On being a trail blazer
I realized not in my lifetime had I seen a woman of color as the number one on a network drama but there are women who were doing it on cable jada pinkett and jill scott there were women who were doing incredible work. I never felt pressure because i felt like the pressure’s not on me.I’m going to come the work and I’m going to do what I do. I never phone it in…the pressure is on audiences. The pressure was on first the american people and now global audiences. Are we in a place as a culture where we’re willing to embrace stories that are inclusive? Are we willing to have our heroes and anti-heroes be people that look different from us or similar to us?

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