Renisha McBride's Mother: "I Wanted Justice"

After the reading of the verdict, Monica Mcbridge, Renisha's mother, spoke briefly about her feelings on the conviction of Theodore Wafer for the murder of her daughter.

She told the press:

At that moment I was shaking my head because I feel he’s where he needs to be. He had 9 months. He walked around for 9 months. She suffered. If he would have called the police she could have went to jail and we would have had he and we never would have been here. He made a statement about "if EMS had came.” No if you would have called 911 we would have never been here. Just sitting there with him I didn’t have anger. I didn’t have grudge I wasn’t passing judgment because that god’s job. I just wanted justice. Looking at him to know that justice needs to be served. You did cold blooded murder. That was murder. That was no accident. That was not self defense. It was murder.

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