Watch this Ugandan Teen Rap the News AND Advocate for Social Change

Fourteen year old Zoe Kabuye, aka MC Loy, rhymes about sexual abuse, access to education, and children's rights, and her skills have even led her to rap for Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni.

In her song “Skool Revolution,” Kabuye addresses corruption and the rampant sexual abuse and corporal punishment that exists in Ugandan schools:

Defilement…I can’t imagine how heavy the case!
Keeping law and order ain’t a slogan for police to make.
You take ’em in and after a few days they are lousing out!
Allow me to extend this grudge upon the school staff.
You know you got foxes but you hide them in sheep!
What you do you pay bribes to let these teachers out.
Kabuye made her television debut last year on a popular Ugandan show, NewzBeat, on which the news is delivered via rap. She was recruited by 28-year-old rapper Sharon Bwogi, who is known as Lady Slyke and it one of the most popular female rappers in the county. Bwogi, whose music focuses heavily on human rights, acts as a mentor to Kabuye.

“They say music is the food of the soul,” says Kabuye, a ninth grader at a Kampala high school. “Rap can attract somebody. You become interested in listening to the words.”

Check her and Lady Slyke out on NewzBeat below!


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