The Much Anticipated Season 2 of Web Series "Black Actress" is Here!

by Michelle Denise Jackson

The wonderful Andrea Lewis is back with the second season of her web series, Black Actress. The series was written and created by the insanely talented Lewis, who you may remember played Hazel on the popular Degrassi: The Next Generation. The web series is produced by Lewis with Tatiana Ali, Issa Rae, and others. 

The first episode premiered today, and it's just as hilarious and on point as Season One!

The new season finds Andrea's character, Corey, in New York, still pursuing the grind and dream of being a working Black actress. The show is an awesome look at the realities of being a young woman trying to make things work, while also managing creative ambitions, finances, friendships, and romance.

The episode also features an interview with real life Black actress, Amber Riley, known for her role as Mercedes on Glee and her appearance on Dancing with the Stars. She discusses her own struggles finding success as an actress, while dealing with fear, severe anxiety, and having to take boring day jobs to support herself as she pursued her acting career.

Watch the first episode of the new season below and tell us what you think! Need to get caught up with Season One? Find all the episodes on Andrea's website here.


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