Lil Mama Attempts to Throw It Back and Stay Fresh with Music Video for "Sausage"

On Thursday, World Star Hip Hop premiered a new music video from actress and rapper Lil Mama. "Sausage" makes use of the popular "Sausage Rap" phenomenon that many teens have been recording an posting on social media over the last few months.

Of course, Black Twitter has been abuzz with mixed reactions to the video. Many appreciated its throwback vibes to hop hop's "Golden Age," as one can clearly hear and see the influence of a number of older artists like Run DMC, Salt-N-Peppa, Fat Man Scoop, Mary J. Blige, and Wu-Tang Clan. Folks also enjoyed the fact that it is a beautiful ode to hip hop mecca, Brooklyn.

Others, however, were not so impressed and thought Lil Mama was doing "too much," while also critiquing her lyrical skills and her impersonation of other music acts.

What do y'all think? Watch the video below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

H/T Tea & Breakfast, World Star Hip Hop


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