Things I Wish I Could Tell My Mom

In a Buzzed “In Real Life” (IRL) video, Daysha Edewi shares things she wishes she could tell her mother. Edewi begins by talking about how her mother believes that she is a pretty girl but also shames her by making harmful comments. “Nothing hurts me more, than to hear that my thighs have gotten fatter, or that being a sexual person makes me a bad daughter,” she said.

Edewi goes on to say, “I either eat too much or too little, too thin or too thick, too fat or too skinny. But mama, why can’t you hear me?” In the YouTube comments, people expressed that they related to Edewi’s experience. She added that she will not apologize for her body.

Watch the video below and share your experience with familial body shaming in the comments.


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