These Filmmakers Shed Light on a Disease that Disproportionately Affects Black Women

Elle Johnson and Dime Davis are creating a film to tell stories of a disease that has affected their loved ones. SUGAR PIE, HONEY BUNCH is the story of Charlie and Mimi, an unconventional mother-daughter duo who are dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease. Did you know 1 in 9 older Americans has Alzheimer’s disease? And that almost two-thirds are women? And odds are, half of those women are African American? Johnson and Davis thought about their mothers, aunts and grandmothers in development of the film. On their Indiegogo campaign page, they write, “Beyond monetary contributions, spreading the word about SPHB goes a long way. Sparking a conversation about mental health in the black community is just as important. The topic has been taboo for far too long.”

Here’s a synopsis of the film:
After being away for quite a while, Charlie returns home to find that the one person she can’t live without has quickly deteriorated into a woman she hardly knows. Through tears, laughter, stirring memories, and a collection of vinyl records, Charlie struggles to hold on to the Mimi she once knew. 
At its core, SUGAR PIE, HONEY BUNCH is a story about love, strength, and survival. Oh, and music. Lots and lots of incredible music. In fact, it’s exactly that original 60s soul soundtrack, combined with vividly detailed flashbacks, and a beautifully southern setting that has us so excited to make SPHB.

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch on IndieGoGo from Dime Davis on Vimeo.

Consider contributing to this story that needs to be told. Connect with the creators on Instagram @ElleMagazine, @DimeDavis and @SugarTheFilm.

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