Mother of 16-Year-Old Found Dead on Interstate Speaks: "I Had A Rebellious Child"

Sixteen year old Kaylan Ward of New Orleans was killed last week while attempting to cross the interstate in the dark of the night. Her mother spoke during a vigil honoring the teen's life, stressing to the teenagers present the importance of listening to their parents.

“Young people don’t want to listen to your parents,” Kenisha Martin-Nelson said. “This is what happens when you don’t listen.”

Martin-Nelson told the group to stop sneaking around and lying to their parents. She said if her child had been honest with her about her whereabouts that perhaps they wouldn't be gathered there to
remember Ward's life.

“My baby had a demon that has been riding her for about five or six years,” said Martin-Nelson. “I told my child two weeks ago God is going to put his hands on you and he’s going to sit you down.”

“Was she perfect?” she added. “No. I had a rebellious child, but I loved her through it all. She did not deserve to die like this.”

The circumstances of Ward's death are still being investigated. On Wednesday, the body of a nineteen year old girl was found on the same interstate. Police are looking into whether the two incidents may be related.

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