BuzzFeed Hilariously Shows Black Women Trying on "Nude" Fashion

Black women have long known the struggle of finding "nude" clothing and accessories that actually match our skin tones. We have never understood why colors that would be more accurately titled "pale beige" or "cream" should be accepted as the default skin color for everyone. Well, leave it to BuzzFeed to hilariously show what it's like to be a Black woman wearing "neutral" (read: neutral for fair-skinned people) clothing and makeup.

BuzzFeed Video regulars like Quinta B. and Daysha, as well as some other awesome and beautiful Black faces, tried on pantyhose, undergarments, and lipstick. And of course, the realness and hilarity ensued when—surprise, surprise!—none of those items actually matched their skin.

Favorite quotes include:

"I look like Ashy Larry."

"I don't even think it's close to a white person's skin tone!"

"These are actually great, if I were 78… Like, I look ill."

Although the video is comedic in nature, it showcases the very real problem of Eurocentric beauty standards still being considered the "norm" in 2015. This is why lingerie companies like Nubian Skin, who make flattering undergarments in a variety of brown skin tones, are so important.

Check out the video below!


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