Watch 'Pretty', A Look At Black Beauty Worldwide

"Pretty" is an ongoing weekly documentary web series from Antonia Opiah, the founder of Un'ruly which features the series. In in, black women from all over the world explore standards of beauty in a social and cultural context.

From Un'ruly:

Pretty is a digital postcard from women around the world to women around the world as told through a weekly documentary series. It explores just how nuanced beauty can be by not only taking a look at how beauty standards vary from country to country but also how they might vary within a city
The show has been to three cities thus far, Paris, Milan, and now London. Every woman featured on the show also leaves a message for viewers about beauty in the show's "traveling notebook", which you can read here.

Check out the latest episode below in which Minna, a Pan-African feminist blogger, discusses questioning standards of beauty.

h/t: Superselected


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