You Must Listen to Nikole Hannah-Jones Discuss School Segregation in America

New York Times Magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones appeared on a This American Life episode titled "The Problem We All Live With" to discuss segregation in American schools.

Nikole Hannah-Jones has spent years reporting on education and school reform in American. She's closely studied the achievement gap and how attempts to close it never seem to work. Hannah-Jones' research has proved that although school integration is often over looked, it is one reform that actually works.

Hannah-Jones visited Normandy High School, the St. Louis County school from which Michael Brown graduated weeks before he was killed. Normandy, an entirely Black school, is the lowest-ranked high school in Missouri.  When the school lost its accreditation, thousands of Normandy students were able to be bussed to the mostly-white Francis Howell High School. White parents at this high-performing school highly opposed the modern day integration that would allow Black students to receive a better education.

Listen to the two-part series below.

Hannah-Jones talks more about the This American Life segment and her work on The PostBourgie Podcast. Listen below.

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