After 8 Domestic Violence Homicides in 2016, Maryland's PG County Takes on Abuse

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Since the beginning of 2016, 8 women have been killed in domestic violence attacks in Prince George's County, Maryland.

One of those was Tarekka Jones, 26, whose boyfriend shot and killed her in front of her 5 year-old child.

State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks is working to decrease the number of homicides with new legislation.

Alsobrooks supports a bill to expand the definition of abuse. According to NBC Washington, " Under the bill, people seeking protective orders can cite harassment and malicious destruction of property as reasons for needing an order."

State's Attorney Alsobrooks underscores how important community support is in breaking the cycle.

"We can no longer mind our business. We were raised in a culture that said 'You should mind your business,'" she said. "If you recognize something awful happening in a house, you can no longer mind your business. You have to get involved."


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