Man Confesses to Killing Philadelphia Non-Profit Director

Randolf Sanders, 36, confessed to carrying out the execution-style murder of his co-worker as she waited for the bus last month.

Jones, 56, was shot in the back of the head by Sanders on the morning of January 13. Police sources told NBC10 Sanders stalked the mother-of-two and newlywed before carrying out the crime.

Both Sanders and Jones worked at Turning Points for Children, a non-profit program that provides parent education and family support services. Jones served as the director of the program while Sanders served under her as the assistant director. Sanders had worked at Turning Points for over two years according to CEO Mike Vogel.

"He's an absolute scumbag, said Jean-Paul Jourden, Jones' son. "That's all I can think about this guy. To shoot a human in broad daylight in front of people and leave her on a corner."

Sanders, who worked with Jones, allegedly confessed to the crime on Sunday. Detectives tracked him down using surveillance video that captured his SUV near the scene, according to sources.
Sources said he was taken into custody on Saturday and questioned overnight.

Sources told NBC10 Sanders believed Jones was planning on reporting to officials that he was misappropriating funds. To save his reputation, Sanders killed her before she could make that report, according to sources.

"Turning Points for Children is working to understand why this tragedy occurred, and fully cooperating with authorities," Vogel said. "Additionally, we will begin conducting our own internal investigation. Since Kim's senseless and tragic death, we have provided grief counselors to all our employees. We will continue to make those services available in light of today's news."

"It will get to the point where I'm just completely happy that the person is caught," he said. "But right now, at this moment, I'm more furious than happy."

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